Mastering Sales Playbook


If skills determine selling success, then sales skills applied at the right times to the right customer significantly increase success.

The greatest change within modern sales organisations is the level of coaching and guidance given to even the most experienced team members to ensure they are working to their optimum capacity. That is the commonality between high-performance teams that deliver planned outcomes.

Companies no longer accept being exposed to the high risk of under-performance or “trial and error” as salespeople attempt to find their own way through sales challenges. Companies can no longer afford to carry salespeople who are not highly trained and consistently effective in today’s market. Sellers who have received just a few days sales training in any one year no longer cut it.

Training has changed for ever
With this pressure, the demand for sales training has never been greater and sales organisations need to take heed. However, the traditional approach to sales training – as a once-off event that delivers scant results – is just not acceptable in today’s world. Learning has changed and people have embraced the different learning practices now available.

Sales training within sales organisations must now be aligned with the new world of fast-paced learning. Today’s best practice learning for salespeople is about accessibility, flexibility and information being provided in fast, content-rich bytes that can be revisited many times over for reinforcement. The training becomes part of the culture of the business and the way in which sales are approached and secured in your company.

Sales manager led training
Today’s training is about high value professional Playbooks and sales managers delivering training to their teams as both training sessions and coaching sessions consistently throughout the year. Mastering Sales™ Playbooks is the training system relied upon by companies for a contemporary training system. As in the great sports team where the term Playbook originates, individuals are trained, mentored and guided on a consistent basis to deliver their best. They are guided to a proven system that is specifically designed for their company and sales channels.

Sales manager led training has replaced facilitators as the emphasis increases on sales managers to be coaches not administrators has never been greater. They are front and centre in all research and studies as the greatest influencer of sales individuals performance.

67 % of team members are more likely to be higher performers using Playbooks

About Mastering Sales™
Mastering Sales™ knowledge has trained thousands of salespeople and management personnel in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe since 1990. Mastering Sales™ is deep in research and experience and are continually updated to meet the modern challenges, changing customer behaviours and selling requirements. The content is contemporary and delivered in accordance with the methodologies that align to today’s learning behaviours.

Mastering Sales™ Playbooks are designed to minimise a company’s overall investment in training and maximise the results achieved by the team. They are used for on-boarding and ongoing training requirements and are ideal for assisting in sales transformations.

How Mastering Sales™ Playbook work
As with all best practice sales training, your playbook is developed specifically for your business, your customers and your sales channel/s – a content-rich playbook that provides you with a distinct competitive advantage in the market. An invaluable tool for sales managers. It embraces not just selling skills but the requirements of sales force effectiveness.

The Mastering Sales™ Playbook provides you with material for training and coaching teams through:

  • Workshop sessions
  • In field coaching
  • Webinars
  • Online
  • Self-study
  • Refreshment
  • Reinforcement.

You can determine how your team will be trained and coached.

The online components of Mastering Sales™ Playbook are interactive and contain supportive knowledge designed to provide the highest level of interaction and engagement through in-byte quizzes, engagement exercises and knowledge checks to validate learning and deliver a high level of knowledge retention. They provide instant feedback to both the participant and the training leader on an individual’s progress. Using world-class, best practice learning environments, the online components complement your learning and development programme.

Mastering Sales™ Playbook is a living system. It can be updated, added to and expanded as your business changes, the market changes or competitors place new pressures on your business.

Download a presentation here to learn more about the Mastering Sales™ Playbook.

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