Sales Focus International is one of the leading dedicated sales and marketing consulting firms in the region.

We work with companies to assist them in delivering sustainable revenue improvement. We are renowned for delivering results in shorter time frames.

We transform company cultures to embrace contemporary practices creating a competitive advantage.

Since 1990, we have been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

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Is Your Company Failing to Deliver Planned Revenue?

CEO/MDs often say that they have difficulty gaining satisfactory answers in the sales and marketing area of their business. They are often further frustrated by the sales and marketing organisation’s failure to deliver their strategy in a timely manner at or above planned revenue levels.

Others discover a problem – sometimes a serious one – only after the consequences are apparent, and that can be as dire as losing major accounts, serious customer attrition or seeing sales numbers flatline or fall well behind forecast revenues.

Sales Focus International assist companies in breaking through revenue barriers and delivering results. to learn more..